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Thank you myHealthbox

Fuelling the determination to make it happen.

I would like to thank myHealthbox for their sponsorship last winter season. I connected with the founder of myHealthbox, Roberto Lattuada, during a leaving talk I hosted for colleagues when I moved on from my job at Cambridge Judge Business School to base myself in Israel for off-season training in 2019.

Originally from Italy, where the Winter Olympics will be hosted in 2026, Roberto immediately showed enthusiasm for the sport and was keen for myHealthbox to become part of the journey.

Roberto Lattuada says: "myHealthbox is proud to announce the sponsorship of skeleton athlete, Georgina Cohen. As we join her journey towards the #beijing2022 Olympic Games as one of the sponsors of this incredible athlete we also share with her a dream and the determination to make it real."

Perhaps it is expected that there is a huge motivation fuelled by the desire to compete on the world stage at the Olympics. In the middle of a winter riddled with uncertainties, Roberto sent me a photo a stone's throw away from the Milano 2026 Olympic stadium. What is the future for the next generation of female athletes in the next quad - how can I be a part of building this, and what's to say I'll be hanging up my helmet after this season?

I was grateful to have myHealthbox come headfirst with me as a sponsor as I took on this exciting challenge, with donations going toward training costs this season. Their contribution went towards the costs of attending a race in Königsee in February 2021.

Do you want to join my team this upcoming Olympic qualification season? I'd love to hear from you:

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