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A brand new look

Well, a new brand... same me. For those who only know me through skeleton, I’m also a big fan of art and graphic design work. Designing a personal brand identity for myself is something I have found hard to do for myself; I work with brand and design every day for others but capturing what represents my personal identity was tough.

Bobsleigh Skeleton Israel (BSI) federation had a new brand logo created a few weeks ago and I was happy with some of the designs I saw from the creator. It made a lot of sense to have continuity in the brand look and feel for my personal logo design. This is a talented designer, Peter Ono, who worked on the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada.

I briefed that I would like something that would be obviously Israel skeleton yet personal to me, be clean and dynamic, and it was important to capture strong and female. The logo will be for my website, email, cards, as well as to go on fun merch, like t-shirts, stickers (coming soon!) I also have a little line I like to say: “Let’s go sliding!” So I threw that in there to see what might come back. This is the final version we went with:

When Peter came back with this design, I double-took. It was just so cool! He captured the “G” in the movement of the athlete, which he drew up from a photo that I sent him of me in St Moritz, so it’s super personal.

“Let’s go sliding” is going to rock when it’s on my sled and definitely give me the extra speed factor - and will look great on t-shirts.

I love looking over how projects like this develop. Here are some examples of what the drafts looked like as they evolved into the final product.

I hope you like it as much as I do! Look out for my new merchandise coming soon.

Find out how you can jump headfirst and support my journey either as an official sponsor or through a personal donation:

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