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Dare greatly

There's only one way to do things around here and that's headfirst, so here goes.

My winter season came to a premature end when I was diagnosed with a concussion after a crash during training in Sigulda, Latvia and was withdrawn from the race there. Sadly, there was not enough progress in my recovery to sign me off for the final three races of the season that took place this week in Altenberg, Germany.

This cost me a valuable opportunity to build on my position for the second half of the season. These four races were crucial to improve my chances for Olympic qualification and now means I cannot qualify for Beijing.

With thanks to the kind support of my sponsors, people in the sport and many of those outside of it, I have focused and committed these past 4 years to achieving this goal.

Whilst this outcome obviously comes with its fair share of disappointment and it is something I have to now process, the New Year has encouraged me to look back and reflect on the past year and it has been INCREDIBLE.

There are many stories yet to share and this isn’t the last time I’ll put on my speed suit and strap up my helmet. With these kinds of experiences come new learnings, however difficult they may seem at the time.

I have a saying I often use when things get tough - “Focus on the next bend” - something that is very true to sliding sports. Whatever happened in the last corner, you can get back on track if you keep your focus forward.

Dare greatly.

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