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Thank you TESA UK

Thank you TESA UK for your continued support! You’ve been there for me since I started out and it’s great to know I’m zooming down the track chasing that 130kph speed with the best quality tape available in the sport.

In skeleton (similar to F1) we prepare our equipment to optimise aerodynamics in the track. It’s not just every second that counts - we’re chasing hundredths of seconds, so it’s important to be as streamlined as possible - and this means our tape needs to be oh-so-aero too.

The TESA tape moulds perfectly and seamlessly to our sled and kit. We use it to secure the covering on top of the sled and the tape can be reheated and reused. On race day, we re-prep the tape to make sure I’m super-streamlined - the blue colour for that extra boost. I’ll also use it to protect my helmet in training, giving it an extra buffer layer when we can experience G-force above 5G, typically in the last few corners.

Anthony Asparassa of Tesa UK says:

“We are so proud to be a part of Georgie's journey, from the early days as an amateur with the BBSA all the way through to the transition of being Israel’s first female Skeleton Athlete to target Olympic qualification. It’s great to see such a simple use of our tape can help the skeleton athletes reach higher performance levels and speeds!

“Given the current situation with COVID-19 it’s great to see athletes prepare for their season and push on from where they left off last year.”

Whatever this rest of the season brings, I’m excited to have TESA UK on board.

Let’s go sliding!

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